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Les Berman Weekly 11-8 YEsterday. JFK. 3 C’s. Cheeseheads. Rubber Duckies… and much more

It seems like it was yesterday, and I guess, when you consider that the planet is billions of years old, and our existence is a dot in time in that continuum, then the murder of JFK 50 years ago does actually seem like yesterday.


I was in high school in Winnipeg when the first announcement came over the PA system. And I remember the hush that swept through our class. Understand that this was in Canada, but even we identified with the youthfulness of JFK. And then the sobs from a couple of kids, who, as it happened, were Americans. I don’t remember what time it was, but I do remember thinking that if it was the ‘commies’ that shot Kennedy, then we, in Winnipeg, should be safe. After all, I was in Canada and no one hates Canadians. The possibility of war was real.


We used to go home for lunch because we had an hour and a half before the afternoon classes began. And yes, I walked home, in the snow, (uphill both ways of course), had lunch, and walked back to school. The TV was on and the chaos of Dallas was mind boggling!


I didn’t realize then that Kennedy had an immense influence on the cultures of both the USA and Canada. Kennedy didn’t wear a hat. My dad and his brothers stopped wearing hats (except on cold days). Jackie did wear hats but I have no idea if my mother did or not. Strange to think about now. He was a cool president and a role model.


The aftermath, to this day, is pretty amazing. The Warren Commission, Oswald, Ruby and so many more parts to the puzzle that have not been solved, or rather, have not been disclosed. There have been volumes written about conspiracies, cover-ups and collusion – the Three C’s. And some of the official records have been sealed for 100 years. So those of us who were around in 1963 will never know the truth, rather the truth that you will be told.


I don’t understand why the ‘truths’ cannot be told now. Did the FBI or CIA or Secret Service screw up? or was this a fluke? We’ll never know, and with the volumes of hypotheses that will be forthcoming in the next couple of weeks, we’ll know even less.


The only thing that I know for sure is that this act of violence changed the free world forever… and for the worse. We can’t turn the clock back, but we can aspire to return to Camelot.


Meanwhile, in that bastion of good people, known somewhat affectionately as cheeseheads, or to some of you, as Wisconsin, there is legislation being considered to allow gambling on a small scale. We can’t all flock there, unless we’re migrating, but a bill legalizing rubber duck races is up for consideration before the state Senate’s Workforce Development Committee. And this happened because someone in the Wisconsin Department of Justice determined that, yes, duck races are, in fact, gambling !


Now, if you have never partaken in a rubber duck race, you know it’s extremely competitive, of course. You get a rubber duck with a number on it. You place it in a moving body of water, like a river or stream,  and then you yell, eat hot dogs, and drink cold beer, until the first duck crosses the finish line. And the owner of the number on that duck wins a prize of some kind. But most people don’t really care unless they are under eight years of age and are tired of drinking beer.


And I’m sure there have been instances when someone with scuba gear has attempted to move his duck to the front of the floating flock, and I’m equally sure there have been alligators and sharks involved as well. But Sheboygan Wisconsin is taking this to a new level, having determined that rubber duck races are, in fact, gambling. Wow… I think that some of those government people have the holes from the Swiss cheese, in their heads !


How would they deal with the golf balls being dropped from a helicopter? Same concept except that a chopper hovers over a parcel of land with a hole and flag, and the chopper guy dumps the bag of golf balls. The numbered ball closest to the hole wins the prize. everything else is the same : the yelling, the hot dogs, and definitely the beer !


In the meantime, if you or someone you know, is a veteran of the US Armed Forces, they should talk to me about some of the extraordinary financing opportunities for vets. And similarly, if you know immigration attorneys or investment advisors that work with foreign nationals, I have financing programs for them too. The magic number… 818.305.4695.

Have a better week !



Berman’s Factoids of the Week:


“Ya’ll” is singular; “All ya’ll” is plural.

You measure distance in minutes (that’s here in LA too).

You switch from heat to A/C in the same day.

All the festivals across the state are named after a fruit, vegetable, grain, insect, or animal.

You know what a DAWG is.


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  1. You have solved a puzzle for me. There was this guy on TV being interviewed at the airport before Tksgving. He was wearing a hat that looked like a triangle cut of swiss cheese and I, only being in the States 35 years, had no idea what on earth was the significance of the cheese…..ah….now I know….he comes from Wisconsin! Love, Wendy

    Comment by Readings | December 1, 2013 | Reply

    • Ah ha… another valuable tidbit of information that I was able to contribute. Hope things are going extremely well in your world.


      Comment by thegoldendome | December 4, 2013 | Reply

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