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Les Berman Weekly 8-31 Concerts. Shrieking. Cute. Spock… and so much more

There are things that I don’t understand. And when I ask, no one has an explanation. So here goes.


Many of us either go or have gone to concerts. Some tickets are well over $200 from what I’ve been told. So you go to the concert, and what happens. You blew your $200 or $400 as the case may be, simply because you have entered a scene that sounds like “Sing Along With Mitch” or “The Ray Conniff Singers”. Everyone at the concert is singing along with the stage act. Or shrieking. Or crying. Or standing around, amazed at what is going on around you, and being absolutely unable to hear the stage act.


I think, that most of these people are of the female gender. I have never see a video clip of a male doing these things. Now I understand that this is not anything new. The shrieking and screaming was evident in clips of Sinatra (some of my younger readers may never have heard of him), and definitely of the Beatles. I don’t get it. Why bother to spend that kind of money to scream and sing along? It isn’t rational.


I wonder what Mr. Spock would have said in observing such behavior. I can see his quizzical look. And then his pensiveness before coming out with a somewhat meaningful statement. But, I think you get the drift.


I haven’t been to a concert other than at the Hollywood Bowl, or the Greek Theater, because, at least at those venues, it seems that the audience is there to be entertained, rather than to be the entertainment.


So while I’m questioning the activities of the female of the species, I was in a restaurant the other day, and while waiting, I was watching two young girls interact. Oh stop it ! – I was hearing bits of their conversation !! Now, we males have always heard women of all ages, saying to others that their hair is cute ( WHAT???) or shoes, or whatever. I began to wonder what would happen if one said something complimentary to the other – and I think women can find something to comment on regardless of how obscure it might be (and most men cannot so we shut up) – and what if the other said nothing in return. I don’t think that would ever happen but what if ???


Would female #1 ignore the slight, or would she repeat the compliment to female #2? Would female #2 find something to compliment, like a button placement or something equally obscure, but just to pay back #1. I don’t understand that stuff.


Do my male readers find something to say, even if it’s not true? Is that the ‘right’ thing to do? I mean, if there is something special, I will say something to the female, but I don’t say anything just to be heard? I think I remember in “The Little Rascals” movies where one of the boys paid a compliment to a girl by saying something like “You don’t look as fat as you did last month” ! Even I could never say that to anyone, regardless of whether or not I was thinking it.


What if the female was wearing something you really did not like. The three questions are: what would you say if you are married? and what would you say if you’re dating? and what would you say if you’re married and want to stay married?


I saw someone a while back that I had not seen in at least five years. I almost said “Wow, you’ve put on weight” but I managed to keep quiet. Or what do you say, or think, when you see someone wearing something that is absolutely wrong? My daughter read me the riot act one time, actually more than one time – but one time that is memorable  !

We were going out for dinner and I walked out of my room and she said nicely “You’re not wearing that” which became “You’re NOT wearing that” which became “You’re not wearing THAT!” . I finally got the hint.

I hope my female readers answer some of my questions. Please …


To those of you who observe Rosh Hashanah, I wish you a Happy New Year ! To those who do not observe, I still wish you a Happy New Year! To those who know someone who observes, I wish you a Happy New Year. I think I covered everyone.

Have a better week !



Berman’s Factoids of the Week:

Now that I’m older here’s what I’ve discovered:

1. I started out with nothing, and I still have most of it.

2. My wild oats are mostly enjoyed with prunes and all-bran.

3. I finally got my head together, and now my body is falling apart.

4. Funny, I don’t remember being absent-minded.

5. Funny, I don’t remember being absent-minded.

6. If all is not lost, then where the heck is it ?
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