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Les Berman Weekly 8-9 Spillover ! Monogamy ? Made in USA and much more….

So… last weekend I was fortunate enough to fly to Vancouver to find some clean air, a change of scenery and some good Canadian beer. The flight was, how shall I say this, uhh.. painful. Well, it wasn’t the flight that was painful. So let me get a little graphic. And I have to warn you – if you are squeamish, you may want to proceed cautiously.


Because of my pending knee surgery, and the letter from my doctor, I was able to board the plane with the first group and take my seat – in the middle. Now we all try to avoid the middle seat whenever we can, but this aircraft was full. No empty seats. People are coming down the aisle. The plane starts to shake – it was as if a slow moving rhinoceros was thumping down that narrow path.


She focused. Drawing a bead on the seat next to me. And I start sweating. Or was it swearing? (only one letter difference). or both. She turns and stuffs herself into the aisle seat. Except… she didn’t fit only into her seat. There was…. spillover ! The armrest disappeared. Her leg started to vibrate. Smacking into my leg. I moved as far away as I could. There was no room. The man at the window was asleep. I tried so hard to move. I was trapped.


And it got worse. Airplane etiquette is that the person in the middle gets the armrests. It’s logical. It’s fair. So my arms were on the armrests. But she didn’t see it that way. The spillover was getting worse. She put her arm… if you’re squeamish, STOP reading !!! … she put her arm, on top of mine. No – excuse me. No – do you mind. It just enveloped my arm ! I was frozen. No, I was stunned. She was touching me !! And the leg was still vibrating.


And then she got up and the plane rebalanced itself. Ten minutes later… it repeated. Arm on top of my arm. I couldn’t move. I was trapped – again ! I immersed myself in my book. And only experienced relief when she got up. I tried to be positive. Reaching, trying… help me… and then desperation was setting in. I had to think positive.. I was ready to swap seats with the flight attendant, or even the co-pilot or I’d hang on to a strap and stand up. Then it happened. I realized there was one good thing – she didn’t have odor !


The flight seemed interminable. And then, IT happened! Her hand slipped. On to mine ! I screamed. To myself. And rapidly jerked my arm out from under the mass. I turned my back to her, wondering if the guy sleeping in the window seat would mind. And then I heard the magic words “Flight attendants. Prepare for landing.” And I was saved.


In the meantime, you know that there is a huge “Buy America” program resonating throughout the country. It’s tough to find US made product generally. But I found a wonderful list of home grown, Made in the USA, products.


Books for the Blind are usually translated by as many as 36 Braille writing programs in the country. Way back in the 90’s, Third Generation, a subcontractor for lingerie and leisure wear, sold product to both J C Penny and Victoria’s Secret. PRIDE forest service in Florida makes park furniture like picnic tables, benches, and trash can holders.


Military jackets and battle garb including flak jackets, helmets, shoes and uniforms are made by Unicor. And they also make the human silhouette targets. Canoes and college dorm desks and bookshelves are made by another company. Blue jeans, t-shirts and hats, are made by another company.


The unique and possibly interesting thing to note about all of these products is that they are all made by, and in many cases, for, a captive audience. All of these products are made by prison inmates, or companies training prison inmates. So if you shopped at Vicky’s during the 90’s, you were likely wearing garments manufactured by prisoners. hmmmm….


In other news from the science world comes this hypothesis about monogamy. They think that monogamy may have evolved to prevent infanticide. That could be cause for another hmmmm… or an explanation. You already can guess at my hmmm… comment so let’s go with an explanation. Male lions, cheetahs etc are always looking to mate (how very human of them !) but they sometimes find a female who is still raising cubs from a prior litter. The males understand that as long as the recent litter is still in the picture, the mama is not going to show any interest in doing this again. So, the males of the species will do away from the recent litter in order to get the mama to be interested in him.


Now, I think that would be a little extreme in most human societies so the scientist and behavioralists decided that we became monogamous to prevent the infanticide. I disagree. We became monogamists because having more than one wife was just too darn expensive !!

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Have a better week !



Berman’s Factoids of the Week:

If you get into the bottom of a well or a tall chimney and look up, you can see stars, even in the middle of the day.

When a person dies, hearing is the last sense to go. The first sense lost is sight . (Ed Note: Do researchers keep asking dying people if they can see them or hear them? how do they know this?)

In ancient times strangers shook hands to show that they were unarmed .

Strawberries are  the only fruits whose seeds grow on the outside .

Avocados have the  highest calories of any fruit at 167 calories per hundred grams (I looked it up for you. that’s about 3.5 oz.).


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