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Lazy ! Driven By Dollars. Healthcare – Yikes. And Mexico passes the USA.. and more….

Sometimes I just get lazy. It will usually happen on that day of the week that ends in ‘y’ – and not just the letter ‘y’. It’s the all encompassing ‘y’. Why get out of bed this morning? Why am I still tired? Why don’t I go back to bed? Why did I eat that stuff last night? Why should I talk to those people that I really want to ignore? Why aren’t my clothes… enough. I know that I’m not alone. I see it everyday, everywhere. And then I meet the ‘other’ person.


The ‘other’ person is somewhat similar to the energizer rabbit, or your dog when you go for the leash, or walk in the door, or your toddler when you come back and they run to you babbling incoherently trying to tell you everything that has happened during the day – in seven seconds. I wonder what gets the ‘other’ person up.

So I examined the psyche of the ‘others’. Some are driven by the need to finish a creation: the book they are writing; the sale they have been working; the internal reward they receive when a thought process is finally understood by the tough student. And then I wonder if there is a let down after those goals have been reached.

There are those driven by dollars: some grew up in poverty and are driven to succeed; some grew up with wealth and want to accumulate more; and yet some are driven to accumulate the dollars so they can give it away.


I knew a man many years ago who told me that he had enough money that the next four or five generations of his family could live off his wealth and would never have to work (and he quickly added that he would not let that happen). So in the conversation, he said that it is just a game now – what can he do with each deal. And he was a genuinely good guy. One of the things that I liked most about him was that he was giving away more than a million dollars annually – and this was more than 30 years ago.


And then there are the “A-” types who work hard, accomplish things in their own jobs, and never go beyond that. Perhaps it is a function of not having an entrepreneurial spirit, or fear, or lack of support from their families. Or all of the above.

And sometimes I just get lazy !


Healthcare is always a topic that is at the forefront of everything these days. Recently, a study was published that said “The United States spends the most per capita on health care across all countries, lacks universal health coverage, and lags behind other high-income countries for life expectancy and many other health outcome measures,” The study was many pages long, was a 20 year study, and had big words that I didn’t understand. Bottom line is that if you want to get sick and don’t have health insurance for whatever reason, you’re better off living in any of several European countries where you will get equal or better care for a fraction of the price.


From my own observation, and things that I have read in the past, in the USA, we develop new procedures and medicines (the side effects will ruin another part of your body), sell them at huge prices domestically, and at much lower prices in foreign markets. Take a look at medicines. They brand names are substantially cheaper in Canada than they are here. There are charts from legitimate Canadian pharmacies that will give you comparative costs. I have not looked in Europe. If you want to read the study, it is here .

Meanwhile, a 23 million year old lizard was found trapped in amber in Chiapas, Mexico. The discovery was more important because the amber contained the entire lizard rather than fragments. Someone had good eyes because the lizard beast was less than two inches long.


Mexico has been in the news for other things too. Mexico has moved past the USA to become the world’s most populous, obese nation. Wow… they beat us… and this is from the United Nations report. And we know the UN Reports are always accurate and without bias (oops.. did I say that ???). Apparently almost 70% of adults are overweight and childhood obesity has tripled in the last ten years. And one-third of Mexican teens are obese. So the numbers are that 32.8% of Mexican adults are obese, whereas, the figure for American adults is 31.8%. The best part for me is that none of my kids are contributing to the US statistic. I’m not so sure about my standing !


Today is the International Clean Off Your Desk Day ! I had something extremely profound to share with you, and I can’t find the notes. Next week !!


If you’re concerned about your overall health, you’ll click here


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Have a better week !!


Berman’s Factoids of the Week:

Zero is the only number that cannot be  represented by Roman numerals

Kites were used in the American Civil War  to deliver letters and newspapers.

The song, Auld Lang Syne, is sung at  the stroke of midnight in almost every English-speaking country in the world  to bring in the new year. 

Drinking water after eating reduces the acid  in your mouth by 61 percent


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