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Les Berman Weekly 7-6 Wimby Broadcast. Boring Sports. Best Conditioned Athletes. Deodorant and so much more….

Listening to the play by play of a sports match is usually quite interesting. Those broadcasters have to know everything during the game. In American football, there are a bunch of people feeding the announcer all kinds of trivial information. How interesting would it be if those announcers were to expound upon the players arrest records. This father of seven by six different women versus the guy accused of murder versus the ponzi schemer. That would add some interest to a rather boring sport.


This last week, I had happened on the Wimbledon broadcasts on Sirius XM radio 202. Not only were the announcers calling the types of shot – inside out, lobs, volleys.. etc, but they were calling them at the speed of play. And the points are usually quite fast, unlike soccer, cricket, and, zzzz… baseball. All this and with an English accent. This alone is worth keeping Sirius radio, or at least renewing it next year prior to Wimby.


I like baseball… I like being at the games, playing the game, and watching kids play the game. I am not a fan of watching it on TV. I can imagine a radio play by play…. Who hits a long ball to right center field….zzzz.. He catches it… zzzz… and throws it to the shortstop who proceeds to show everyone that he can throw the ball to first base….zzzzz…. who then throws it leisurely to second…zzzzz…. oops, dozed off as it is thrown to the catcher, who looks at the ball………zzzz and back to the pitcher. And this game is fast compared to golf. There are a lot of golfers out there, and I like a lot of you. The game doesn’t lend itself to radio.


And during the tennis matches, I wondered who are the best conditioned athletes. We quickly eliminate American football – those guys are strong but could never be compared to a soccer player or a basketball player. And I don’t think either of those could compare to Australian Rules Football or hockey. Cricket and poker players are not in the running at all. Swimmers? So I really don’t know. Who do you think are the best overall athletes?


And along with a conversation about athletes, we must touch on the delicate topic – deodorant, either the use or lack of. We have all, at some time, been subjected to someone in close proximity who has ignored the need for deodorant, and / or basic cleanliness. It’s not something that we are used to. I read recently that throughout history, up until the late 1800’s bathing was not a regular occurrence, beyond the twice a year schedule. I can only imagine… well, no I can’t really. So we must offer our thanks to the unknown Philadelphian who first commercialized the invention. That was followed in 1952 by Ban Roll-On, developed because the concept of a ballpoint pen was interesting. And then the first aerosol deo arrived in 1965.


Through research done in England, of course, it was found that at least two percent (2%) of the population in the UK have a genetic attribute that doesn’t produce the secretions in their underarms that attracts the bacteria that smell. Now this does not say that all residents of the UK do not need deodorant. They really do ! So how do you know if you can go without the chemicals… if you have dry earwax (as opposed to wet), you can likely forego the roll-ons or aerosols. But research has shown that more than 75% of the non-smelly people still use deodorant.

To those people, I suggest that they take a week long hiatus from the product, if you’re brave enough, and see the results. But please, only if you have dry earwax!


Meanwhile, the U.S. National Institute of Health announced that they are dramatically reducing the number ofchimpanzees being used in biomedical research and will be retiring most of them to wildlife sanctuaries. While their contributions to research have greatly benefitted humans, new technologies have reduced the need for chimps in testing. I wonder how the retired ones will adapt to life outside of concrete housing. I doubt that we will hear anything about that process.


Meanwhile, the University of Washington researchers have revealed the history and evolution of apes over the last 15 million years. I think this means that the UofW is extremely old, and that the researchers are even older. When you offer them birthday cake, please make sure that the researchers receive bite sized pieces.


In other news, it has been found that the relationship between dogs and their owners is very similar to the bond between young kids and their parents. If you have ever looked after someone’s dog for a few days, you likely observed that they really did not have much use for you until you fed them, and then only for the food. As soon as the owner’s returned, the dogs woke up. You can see this too in many of the videos on YouTube of servicemen returning home after being deployed, and how crazy excited their dogs were. I’m sure that their pet cats continued to ignore them, as always.

And yes, mortgage rates have jumped up in the last couple of months. You knew they would. But did you realize that if you’re in or near the top tax brackets in California, that 4.75% rate could only be costing you 2.375%. And you’re still waiting? Call 818.305.4695 – today.

Another action is for you to Get Healthy and start today.


Have a better week.



Berman’s Factoids of the Week

It takes glass one million years to decompose, which means it never  wears out and can be recycled an infinite amount of times!

Gold is  the only metal that doesn’t rust, even if it’s buried in the ground for thousands of years .

Your tongue is the only muscle in your body  that is attached at only one end .

If you stop getting thirsty, you need  to drink more water. When a human body is dehydrated, its thirst mechanism  shuts off.


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  1. Dear Les: Many years ago I read that Queen Elizabeth I (the first one) was quite radical and she had a bath once a month whether she needed it or not! Yuck! Love, Wendy

    Comment by Readings | July 12, 2013 | Reply

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