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Les Berman Weekly 6-29 Rednecks, Snails. Horses. Carbs… and everything related

I think sometimes that I could become the quintessential redneck… sometimes. I like redneck jokes, I’ll wear mismatched or torn clothes (usually at home), and I can make some pretty amazing comments but also normally at home. Of course, I would fail the drinking test,  the fried foods test, and the roadkill test, but I could have my manners retested occasionally by Miss Manners, or by one of the etiquette queens. And from time to time, when listening to some of the redneck story tellers (you know you’re a redneck when…) I will contribute to the line of jokes. I do not have sisters, so those stories would be from observation and just plain guessing.


And watching people is so much fun when you have time to waste. I was in Las Vegas recently, and a good part of the fun was watching people. And the most fun is when the shifts change – the weekenders leave town and the Sunday to Thursday crowds arrive. What a difference !! they go from a party all night crowd to a party at the slots crowd. I would really like to see a staffing chart from one of the casinos, comparing a Saturday to a Monday. And I’m guessing that the blackjack minimums are lower as well.

That changeover would be cannon fodder for the redneck comedians.


Food habits are interesting too. Recently, a scientific journal said that snails have identified some migration patterns. Snails ??? The snails endemic to Ireland are not related to snails found in Great Britain. Now this is really important to some people – I’m not really sure who but there has to be someone who cares. But there is, of course, a story to this.


The snails in Ireland and the Pyrenees share genes not found in British snails. Since it’s improbable that the Irish snails made a slow, slimy crawl thousands of miles long through France and Spain, scientists suggest that the simplest explanation is that snails arrived with snail-eating migrants from southern Europe some 8,000 years ago. They didn’t even comment on how the snails could have made it across the English Channel!  Here’s what it means : the Irish have links to Spain. I wonder if the Irish took to drink (reputedly of course) because the taste of snails was so … uhh.. repulsive.


The other thing that I learned recently is that the last truly wild horse is the Przewalski. No I can’t pronounce it. I think I would just say ‘here horsey’ and hope for the best. This breed was on the brink of extinction in Mongolia but captive breeding programs saved it. Yes, you ask, how can it be wild if there were captive breeding programs. Well, that’s another one of life’s great mysteries, isn’t it?


Now we all like horses. It’s not optional. We ride them, we race them, they pull our ploughs (and plows), and we show them off. I remember that my kids had a babysitter when we lived in a suburb of Vancouver who had a very big horse – over 17 hands as I recall. The babysitter,  a teenager, showed us photos of when she rode her horse in her house. I don’t think her parents knew but we did ask her not to do the same at our house. But she did take my son for a ride when we was two or three years old.

Horses are like family too. A good friend of mine recently had to put her horse down after twenty years. That’s a very long time to have any kind of pet. And she still misses him terribly.


So the interesting thing is that they now have DNA proof that horses became a separate species about four million years ago. Apparently the scientists found some intact DNA in a bone that was in the frozen north of Canada about 780,000 – 560,000 years ago. Then they did some hocus – pocus and figured out some other things. So now we know that horses were around before polar bears (about 120,000 years).


This is important to know because more people have pet horses than pet polar bears. Actually, I don’t know of anyone that has had a pet polar bear, but I know lots of people who had pet horses ! I would definitely like to hear the stories about pet polar bears that you have known. And how you interacted with them.


An astounding discovery was recently discussed in a report put out by researchers at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital. They came to the conclusion that diving into a breakfast of pancakes and syrup, or a huge bowl of pasta for lunch, sends you on a wild ride with blood sugar soaring and then diving.  This happens in a four hour cycle. And then you are hungrier than if you’d eaten a meal with more protein and fiber and fewer carbohydrates. They likely spent a lot of money on this study – and it’s something that most of us have known for ages. That’s why we have salads for lunch – so we don’t fall asleep in the afternoon.


But can you visualize this? Kids clawing at the walls, shaking at their desks, having severe withdrawal symptoms, and eventually becoming a little more mellow and paying attention in class, except, of course, for high school seniors with bad cases of senioritis ! It is happening. The USDA has mandated that candy bars and chips are out of schools ! And that granola bars and baked chips are in. Sugar drinks are out ! That’s a pretty good start.


And what are you doing to improve your personal situation? Check out the link below – the one that says Get Healthy. Ahh.. you likely won’t do it. That’s no fun. OK – I’m going to make it easy and I dare you to click on this link – Get Healthy – and then call me at 818.305.4695.

To my Canadian friends, have a great Canada Day on the 1st; to my American friends, have a great Fourth (on the 4th and 5th)  and of course, be safe with that greatness !

And yes, I still can look after your real estate finance needs. 818.305.4695

Have a better week !



Berman’s Factoids of the Week:

Resistentialism: The seemingly spiteful behavior shown by inanimate objects —

Bookwright: A writer of books; an author; a term of slight contempt — Daniel Lyons’s “Dictionary of the English Language”, 1897

Soda-squirt: One who works at a soda fountain in New Mexico — Elsie Warnock’s “Dialect Speech in California and New Mexico”, 1919

With squirrel: Pregnant — Vance Randolph’s “Down in the Holler: A Gallery of Ozark Folk Speech”, 1953

Zafty: A person very easily imposed upon — Maj. B. Lowsley’s “A Glossary of Berkshire Words and Phrases”, 1888

Queerplungers: Cheats who throw themselves into the water in order that they may be taken up by their accomplices, who carry them to one of the houses appointed by the Humane Society for the recovery of drowned persons, where they are rewarded by the society with a guinea each, and the supposed drowned person, pretending he was driven to that extremity by great necessity, is also frequently sent away with a contribution in his pocket. — “The Word Museum: The Most Remarkable English Words Ever Forgotten” by Jeffrey Kacirk


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