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Les Berman Weekly 6-22 Shoes. Thread Counts. All Knowing. Get Healthy… and more shoes…

I like to think that I’m a reasonably smart guy. I know how to add and subtract. I know the difference between there, their, and they’re. And I know, and have experienced, the differences between weight and wait.


I know a woman who has shoes. Not just shoes, but Imelda Marcos numbers of shoes. Those are her words, not mine. I also know my daughter likes shoes, lots of shoes. And she is very organized with how and where they are arranged. At some time, her husband may be forced to choose between a TV and game room, or a shoe room. Actually, he won’t have to choose: he’ll likely be given the option of not responding to the ‘do you mind?’ question, or saying “what a great idea”. I think he may be allowed space for his four or five pair… maybe!


Recently, I saw an ad for sheets. Now, I know a little about sheets. For example, when I went away to university, the sheets I was given might have been 150 thread count. What did I know? I was on my own! No one to answer to, except myself. But I learned about sheets. Quickly. And before too long, I graduated to a better thread count.


OK, so we understand that you buy new sheets for comfort. The higher the thread count, the better.. possibly. The old sheets had multiple uses. Packing material, or trash. Those 180’s couldn’t be used as dust cloths – they would scratch the furniture or the car. And the higher counts could be used by the kids as tents, or whatever creative use they could find. So now I have a dilemma: here I am with perfectly good sheets. I do have two sets. I change them even if they aren’t dirty yet. And they are perfectly good sheets – I know one set was 600 thread count. Wow – I do like those!! and the other is likely around 450, and that set predates the 600.

Now I see ads for 1600 thread count. I can’t imagine what that would be like. But even without those ads,I’m asking myself why I would replace a perfectly good sheet set. It’s not torn. Not soiled. Comfortable. I don’t need more packing material and the kids are grown and out of the house. I have all the reasons not to replace what I have. It works. I don’t have to fix something that ‘ain’t broken!’

So I ask you, if you were to ask your girlfriend or wife, or in some cases, both, what would their answers be, I would love to hear their response. I think I know. I think you know. I think we all know. Even you women know. This is clearly the case for “all knowing” response.


I told some friends a couple of weeks ago that I know how to disable the economy of the USA within minutes. It wouldn’t require a violent act of any kind or thought. It would be very simple. Send out that magic electronic signal that would disable cash registers. Not the entire cash register. Just the part that calculates the change. I would guess that 95% of the people operating cash registers today would not be able to figure out how to make change. And what would be even funnier – the people getting the change would not know if it is the right amount. I think we are a nation of the mathematically illiterate. Think of the chaos! How sad! Actually, it’s hilarious thinking of that chaos.


So, I’ve been in the mortgage business since 1971 – that’s about 42 years. And I’m still in the business.

I have been looking at the health and wellness industry for about six years and recently was introduced to the right company wherein I could get involved as a supplement to my existing business. I was astounded to learn that the quality of natural nutrients in our domestic farm soil has declined to a fraction of what it was even 20 years ago. The genetically modified food scares me. Isagenix is a very fast growing company with sales projected this year in excess of $450 Million. They are expanding in the Pacific Rim as well as throughout the US and Canada. I know you’re interested because you’re not as healthy as you could be. Ask the questions: 818.305.4695. or click on the Get Healthier Link .

Have a better week !


Berman’s Factoids of the Week:

Lunting: Walking while smoking a pipe — John Mactaggart’s “Scottish Gallovidian Encyclopedia,” 1824

California widow: A married woman whose husband is away from her for any extended period — John Farmer’s “Americanisms Old and New”, 1889

Groak: To silently watch someone while they are eating, hoping to be invited to join them –

Tyromancy: Divining by the coagulation of cheese — “The Word Museum: The Most Remarkable English Words Ever Forgotten” by Jeffrey Kacirk

Beef-witted: Having an inactive brain, thought to be from eating too much beef. — John Phin’s “Shakespeare Cyclopaedia and Glossary”, 1902


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