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Les Berman Weekly 6-8 Inequities. Obsessions. Turtle Shells. Potatoes. Jim Morrison. Passwords and so much more…

I was coming back from a gathering today, and although I was paying attention to traffic, I was pondering the great inequities in life. I was not getting deep because, well… you already know that I can’t. I was dealing with the basics. I wasn’t thinking about cars or computers, medical marvels or nature’s healing powers. I wasn’t thinking about the healthy looking people coming back from a hiking area.. actually I thought I should be there too.. nor was I thinking about the large people walking among them. I wasn’t thinking about stupid drivers who were obviously paying attention to their cell phones.


I don’t really understand the obsession with having to know about your text messages or emails on a constant basis. It wasn’t that long ago that people would leave a message at your office, or home, and you would respond when you got there. Remember those days? Or did you know about those days? I think insurance companies should consider not covering personal damage when you cause an accident that is phone related. No coverage to your vehicle if you’re at fault but the person you damaged would be covered. Would that cause people to think? I wonder.


But I was really thinking about broccoli. How could people not love broccoli? It’s green, likely good for you, and is really amazing when stir fried with garlic. mmm… garlic. So, I think everyone should work towards eating broccoli or garlic, or both, and thus would be solved one of the troubling inequities of life.


But one thing I never really thought about was how a turtle got its shell. I’ve seen turtle eggs hatch and those little guys have little shells. The shells are pretty useless when the turtles are newborn but eventually they offer protection. With the discovery of fossils in China and elsewhere, the scientists really didn’t come up with answers. What I have learned from turtles is that slow and steady always wins the race… especially if you like the stories about the tortoise and the hare !


And also from the world of science is the announcement that a giant lizard that has been extinct for about 36 million years has been named for the musician who was known for his song, “The Lizard King.” So the other thing that this giant lizard and Jim Morrison have in common is that, yup, you guessed it, they are both extinct ! So here’s recognition for Barbaturex morrisoni.


You may recall that I mentioned the Irish Potato Famine last week. What I failed to mention was that if the famine had not occurred, and the mass emigration then would not have happened, the effects on US history would have been enormous. Without the Irish, there would have been huge shortages in Boston and New York, of cops !


Last year, the New York Times published an article about passwords, and how to make them safer. One of the main safety tips is that if your password can be found in the dictionary, you will be at risk. And never use the same password twice. Good passwords are combinations of letters, symbols and digits. Keep your passwords off the computer. If they are there, and you’re hacked, you are totally compromised. And you know those sites that ask for password hints, don’t answer the question. Rather than talk about your favorite school, answer the question with a question, or something like “Your favorite movie quote”. Something nonsensical is best. And change browsers for different things – business, casual browsing, and the other stuff too.


Rates are still good – but you won’t be unless you call me today 818.305.4695. Thinking about buying? Ask me how to get an unconditional mortgage commitment letter. 818.305.4695.

Have a better week !



Berman’s Factoids of the Week:

Obsolete words that should not have gone out of style:

Snoutfair: A person with a handsome countenance

Pussyvan: A flurry, temper

Wonder-wench: A sweetheart – — “The Word Museum: The Most Remarkable English Words Ever Forgotten” by Jeffrey Kacirk

Lunting: Walking while smoking a pipe

California widow: A married woman whose husband is away from her for any extended period — John Farmer’s “Americanisms Old and New”, 1889

Groak: To silently watch someone while they are eating, hoping to be invited to join them



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