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Les Berman Weekly 5-10 Parades. Bagpipes, Regimental. Sugar Cookies and more….

Ever since I was a kid, I have loved parades. And there were times when I was allowed to watch a parade by myself. But remember, that was a time when doors were left unlocked, kids played outside or at neighbors, and when the first “dinner time” was called out on the street by one of the moms, we all headed home for our dinner.


I guess it was sort of Pavlovian. I wonder if our mom’s began to salivate or do something when they also heard the first homing call. Actually, all of us kids congregated at Robert’s house on Friday afternoons, after school, to watch Roy Rogers on TV. His mom would give us sugar cookies, which were THE best, and milk. From a bottle, not a carton. The show ended, and there was a stream of kids leaving to go home. Can you imagine, we actually walked to and from school, in the snow and rain. I can’t imagine that happening in LA today – or ever. Walk? definitely a foreign word !


We played street hockey – and the cars slowed down so we could get out of the way. Street hockey was the northern version, I think, of New York’s stickball. And we played hockey when the streets were covered with snow, or not. During the snow season, the goal posts were mounds of snow that were often demolished by the cars when they passed, and during the no-snow season, the goals were sticks, stones or whatever we brought from our garages. And can you believe this – girls played too. With the boys. Okay – so if we didn’t let them play, the moms would gang up on us and issue the decree – girls played or boys didn’t. hmmm…


We kids rode the buses. It was safe… unless we were in the ‘bad’ part of town and a drunk was sitting in the back, getting more drunk. So we were allowed to ride the ‘pumpkins’ – the buses in Winnipeg were orange and some other color that was somewhere between yellow, beige, and skin color. No, I can’t be PC because I have no idea what that color was or is.


One of the big parades was for Memorial Day. Old soldiers, from both WWI and WWII would march up the main street, sometimes in step, and most of the time, not, and bands would play. They played band music, songs from the wars etc., but my absolute favorite were the bands that played bagpipes. One of the more famous bands, to this day, is the Winnipeg Police Pipe Band. They started in 1920, even before I was born, and still are around. ( .


In case you weren’t aware, in most of the pipe bands, the members wear kilts. I do know, that you, and I, have always been curious about the rumors. Yes, we all want to know if they go ‘regimental style’ or not.  Well, recently, in the Scottish Medical Journal, a researcher decided that those who went ‘regimental’  aka ‘commando’ , were more likely to be able to procreate than those who wore tight undergarments. They went on to say that wearing a kilt is an absolute chick magnet – although the Scottish said it somewhat differently. Men who wear kilts experience a strong sense of masculinity and freedom.


The kilts are made of tartan and each design is related to a specific clan in Scotland. Look it up – you’ll have some good reading. I suspect that every kind of device has been used by women to try to determine if there are a preponderance of kilt wearers going regimental or not. The important thing to note is that because of the looseness of the garment, the number of little things that help make little babies (spam blockers beware) are more numerous and stronger. Thus sayeth the Scottish researchers…


The moral of the story… see where the Winnipeg Police Pipe Band is playing, and, if you or someone you know is having problems, the answer could be to wear a kilt and go regimental ! Make sure you’re wearing the right tartan.

And now you’ll enjoy the parade even more !


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Have a better week !


Berman’s Factoids of the Week:

There is great need for a sarcasm font.

How the hell are you supposed to fold a fitted sheet?

Was learning cursive really necessary?

Map Quest really needs to start their directions on #5. I’m pretty sure I know how to get out of my neighborhood.

Obituaries would be a lot more interesting if they told you how the person died.




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