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Les Berman Weekly 5-3 Loser ! Crybaby! Illiterate kids. Major Reminder !

In the meantime, while everything was going on, flight schedules screwed up, student visas ignored etc, we missed some worldly astonishing events. It was reported that a football player, who was quite full of himself (is that a surprise?) was not drafted in the top 10, as he thought he should be. So what did he do? He fired his agents. Yes.. he fired his agents !  Perhaps, if he had tried harder, or worked harder, or if he was a better player, he might have been drafted earlier.


This is yet another example of a loser blaming others for his doing poorly. We see this all of the time. “It’s not my fault – you set me up. You didn’t make me work hard. You didn’t make me do my homework. You didn’t teach me how to think, do math, be a doctor, a lawyer or candlestick maker.”


I remember when my kids were little, that they would have school projects. They asked that I help them build, create, letter, paste or whatever because their friends’ parents were doing the project for them. My kids had to do their own stuff. I will admit that I helped when they asked for ideas – no, I didn’t tell them what to do but I did ask them questions that would help them focus.

Their work looked like an eight or ten year old did it, not like that of the 35 – 40 year old parent. Personally, I was disgusted because the parents said they did their kids work so they would get a better grade and it would be better for their self esteem. What a load of camel dung ! Boo hoo hoo !


It was the parents who couldn’t bear to see Johnny or Betty make a mistake by having a less than perfect (as done by a parent) project. So as that continued, a generation of kids grew up thinking that everything had to be prepared for them. A generation of kids who think they are entitled to everything, and prove to be incapable of thinking independently. Mommy and daddy aren’t there to think for them, or won’t be.


And then the education system was changed so that “No child is left behind“. What stupidity is that? The administrators, possibly the grown up kids who never had to do anything for themselves, decided that every child should be promoted in school, regardless of their capability. This is moronic at best. If a kid can’t handle the work, or do the work, or understand what is required, keep him / her and make them repeat the grade.


But nooooo…. let the kid move to the next grade where he might not be able to read, or do arithmetic, or know the language. And then those kids will be stuck with a larger group of non-achievers who in turn, will be severely disadvantaged educationally, when they are finally let out of school. But it must be budgets – the schools might get more money from the state by having every student pass to the next grade. What stupidity ! Put functionally illiterate kids on the street and into a death spiral where they would be low income earners, or long term unemployed. And then the government will be forced to support these people forever. We pay for our mistakes. Invest for returns early – why wait and pay for your mistakes. You’ve seen them for a generation. Now that’s a dumb statement. We’re talking about government – and that in and of itself, is dumb !!


Look at the thousands of jobs that are available. And the employers say they can’t get competent applicants (leaving off the wage level discussion). A few years ago, I was working with a woman who wanted to buy  a house.

She told me that she had $44,000 in her IRA that she could use for a down payment on a house. I said then as I say now, show me the evidence. This woman worked on a production line and made a decent wage. She called to confirm that she was faxing the IRA statement and it actually had $48,000 (approximate). The IRA statement arrived. It said she had $4800 – the woman couldn’t read !  This would be an example of results of ‘no child left behind” . What crap. Government is killing opportunity for many of these kids.


I told my kids when they were young that they would never have control of their lives until they stopped blaming others for their own problems. I am extremely grateful that they heard what I was telling them.

As for that football player – he’s starting his career as a loser. Want more? Try harder ! He’s disgusting ! Yet someone will still give him a $10 Million contract -or whatever. Boo hoo hoo !!.


Just a reminder… I help people with mortgage loans. VA, residential  nationwide. And bridge loans on commercial properties throughout the country. Ask the question 818.305.4695. Odds are you won’t even have to pay me back !

Have a better week !



Berman’s Factoids of the Week:


Does pushing the elevator button more than once make it arrive faster?

Why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of the bottle?

Sometimes I’ll look down at my watch 3 consecutive times and still not know what time it is.

Nothing stinks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you’re wrong.

I totally take back all those times I didn’t want to nap when I was younger.



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  1. You are absolutely right. Today, too many parents spend too little time with their children, rarely asking them to take responsibility or be accountable for their actions.
    Many appear to want to be their child’s friend, rather than giving them the tools to grow into a contributing member of society.

    Our government seems to think making people dependent and/or illiterate is the best way to secure votes. This only leads to more poverty and a welfare state. History has shown that no society has ever been successful in the long run with this philosophy.

    My children were raised very much like yours. One of the things I often reminded them was that no matter what they did, good or bad, there were always consequences. It was up to them to choose.

    I was involved in their activities and had rules that had to be followed. There weren’t all that many, but my children knew they had better behave or there would be a price to pay. If I said something, I meant it. Consistency was very important. It was also important to me that they become independent, hard working adults.

    Both my children are now gainfully employed and good citizens. They never got into the drug scene and drink very little. One has two Masters degrees and the other is a thesis short of a doctorate in aeronautical engineering. Needless to say, I’m proud of them. As a single mother raising two children from the time they were toddlers, it certainly wasn’t easy emotionally, physically or economically. However, if parents are committed to teach, nourish (mentally and physically), as well as encourage their children to be the best they can be, it can be done.

    Comment by jsw842 | May 5, 2013 | Reply

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