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Les Berman Weekly 4-27 Roswell. Moronia. Washington. Monkeys… and more…

wanted to think of something relatively meaningful, and having been at LAX twice in the last couple of days, including one journey picking up my son and daughter-in-law at 1 AM, only an hour and a half late, I was thinking about writing about the elected people in Washington – you know – the ones who get paid a lot of money, argue with each other and won’t play nicely with the people on the opposite side of the tracks.  And then, I received something indirectly from Peter S. Muffoletto, C.P.A whose office is in Woodland Hills, CA.

“I have long thought that the Roswell event, while looked at by many as a hoax, may well have been the beginning of an invasion by the Moronians, the inhabitants of the planet Moronia, just past the planet Uranus. The Moronians have an average IQ of 84, which by observation, seems to be the same as a U.S. Congressman, and many government leaders. It is all possible that the Moronians started an invasion of the planet back in the 1950’s and somehow slowly taken over our government and many of the public functions of our country.

Let’s look at the most recent Moron decision to cut back on the national air traffic control system. According to the FAA figures, they have cut back and furloughed air traffic control personnel which has reduced approximately 6,500 flights a day across our national airways.

Give some thought for a moment that the average flight has approximately 150 passengers. Give further thought that the average airline ticket has an approximate $15.00 federal tax assessed.

Let’s do the math

6,000 flights lost per day x 150 passengers x $15.00 = $13,500,000.00 of lost federal taxes each day!     That’s $405 million dollars of lost federal taxes each month!

Then add the landing fees lost for 6,000 flights a day. Then add the federal fuel tax lost on the flights not flown. And we are saving what amount in payroll cuts? Then add the untold loss of commerce each day and the taxes not paid for the lost revenues?

We truly have a government that is run by Morons! They are here.  They lead us.”


Meanwhile, scientists have discovered that monkeys have adaptive learning skills. Basically, they found that monkeys have advanced skills when they play “monkey see. monkey do”. In this game, they are observing US. One experiment had the humans teaching the monkey that only the orange colored food was good, and to ignore the purple color. And this was being taught when the monkeys were in an orange environment.

When the monkeys were put in a purple environment, the monkeys, once the humans went away, promptly went to the purple colored food, ignoring their once favorite orange food.


The moral of the story is – that there isn’t one. But it got me thinking. I wonder if the Moronians could be taught to play nicely with others by changing their environment. Like kicking them all out of Washington !?



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I’m back to writing my speech for my daughter’s wedding tomorrow. I hope the guests are fed before I start to speak. It will be so much easier – on them.

Have a better week !



Berman’s Factoids of the Week:


If Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why is there a song about him?

Why does your OB-GYN leave the room when you get undressed if they are going to look up there anyway?

If corn oil is made from corn, and vegetable oil is made from vegetables, then what is baby oil made from?

Do illiterate people get the full effect of Alphabet Soup?


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