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Les Berman Weekly 3-30 Aliens. Secrets. FBI Files.and Books…

Aliens of all sorts are around the country. Finally, the FBI has admitted that J.Edgar Hoover was aware of the existence of foreing life forms as far back as 1950. Of course, he dismissed it and buried the information in the Vault. Although the Vault has been accessible to the public for a couple of years, it is still largely unknown. .

Now, we all know that aliens are special kinds of, shall we say, people. I mean, we have legal and illegal aliens living throughout the country. I actually have always found the term to be quite humorous. Given that since the days of moving pictures, aliens have always had weird shapes, horns, tails, and always were able to communicate in English, I have always thought that aliens were more powerful that the human race, or at least, more than Americans. So somewhere, and somehow, someone in the Immigration department eons ago, decided that anyone who was not in the country legally, was an illegal alien.

So when I started the process to move to the USA legally, back in the early ’80’s, I discovered that I was an alien. I decided to do some research, and went back to read the newspapers for the week or so prior to my birth way back in almost pre-historic times. I found that across North America, there were numerous sightings of unidentified flying objects, aka, UFO’s. I assumed therefore, that because the Immigration department said I was an alien, and all government departments are nearly always 100% correct, that I was placed in my mother’s womb, unknowing to her and to my dad, substituting out the brother I have never known.  Automatically, because of this higher status, I would have assumed that I could have accomplished things that you mortals could not have done.

I truly enjoyed the Superman stories, but could never understand why I, as an alien, could not do anything that he could. I was also distressed to find out that I actually had to study for exams, rather than being able to merely pull things from my advanced brain. I am an athlete, rather I was a reasonable athlete. Both of my kids are far better than I ever was… now is that a sign??

With further research came the discovery that perhaps I was not an alien while growing up in Canada, but my alien rights were not bestowed upon me until I applied for entry to the USA. So I continued the research through the initial years while in this country, as I became, I think, a legal alien. Really, there was nothing untoward that happened, other than I continued to wonder why all of these ‘illegal aliens’ decided they wanted to live in the US. And why did the government have such fear of all of these aliens? And then I found the truth… or at least the truth according to the FBI.

Deep in the bowels of the FBI Vault are the revelations of the capture of space aliens near Roswell NM. Actually, in 1947, the FBI had reports of flying saucers in more than 30 states, and then a story was released that the flying saucers were actually circular saw blades… in 30+ states?! But the more interesting documents are dated in 1950, with detailed drawings of a captured space ship, and of the aliens found inside. J. Edgar chose to stifle the information and thus began the Roswell mysteries. Here is a link    I hope.

As I got deeper into this whole alien thing, I came to the temporary conclusion that we aliens will be called upon to do some heroic act to save the world, or to take it over, sometime soon. Unless of course, my alien capabilities were extinguished when I was naturalized. Maybe, the government knows something that you don’t, and that is the cause of fear of the illegal (or undocumented) aliens. (Cue X factors theme).

While you are contemplating the fear that could be brought upon the people of the world, pause briefly to consider the results of a recent Supreme Court ruling that pitted a really enterprising student from Asia against the behemoth corporations that publish books domestically. I wrote about this several months ago when the case was being heard. Basically, a student was buying textbooks in Asia, legally, and shipping them to the USA. The books were identical in content, but may have been published on lesser quality paper etc. He then resold the books, at a fraction of what the books were retailing for at college campus bookstores. I thought that was pretty enterprising – until the lawsuits were filed. And the judges ruled that :” The “first-sale doctrine” provides that one who owns a legal copy of a copyrighted work may freely re-sell or otherwise dispose of copies of the work. Thus, an owner who manufactures and sells copies overseas (perhaps for a lower price) cannot prevent a buyer from importing the copies back into the U.S. for use, distribution, or resale.”

So I wonder if that ruling will carry over into pharmaceuticals and other goods. I guess we’ll find out pretty soon.

Did you know that I have been providing structured financing for real estate owners and investors since 1980? Bridge loans on large acquisitions, construction loans for spec housing and apartments, almost anything to do with real estate. And in most areas of the country. So ask the question? 818.305.4695. Are you a veteran? Special programs are available for you. Ask the question – 818.305.4695

Have a better week !


Berman’s Factoids of the Week: 

Is it good if a vacuum really sucks?

Why do we sing “Take me out to the ball game” when we’re already there?

Why is it called after dark when it’s really after light?

Why do we press harder on the buttons of the remote control when we know the batteries are dead?

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    • I usually write all of my own content but have the occasional outside contributor.

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