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Les Berman Weekly 3-23 Great Things. Beatles. Good Phone. Ferrari or Yugo. Roosters… and so much more…

So, I was thinking about what great things I could tell you about this week. But as I was going through the list, and you know there is a constant wealth of information given to use every week, I was trying to come up with something different.

I could easily write about the fact that it was 50 years ago, Thursday I think, that the “Please Please Me” album was released by the Beatles in Liverpool. But that would tend to date some of us, and not others. And the ‘others’ would not be interested in a dissertation on the effects of their long (for the time) hair on society, or the music or anything like that. So Beatles are not a topic that I want to discuss. 50 years… damn ! (I’m not that old !!)

Then I thought about telling you about a telephone conversation that I had with a woman who wanted to go out with me. It was, for me, pretty strange and then it became hilarious, for me. But then I thought that some of you might be offended because you know people like that, or you might fall over laughing, because you know people like that. So I decided not to go that route either. After all, if I wanted to offend or titillate, I could talk about politics. No.. not going there either.

And another life event that I’m trying to deal with is getting a new car. Buy or lease? Do I need a high end label on the car because I’m ‘supposed to have that’ or do I get something else that just makes sense? I did think about a Ferrari, but I also thought about a Yugo or Dacia. With any of those, servicing would be a huge problem, and expensive, and I couldn’t afford a Ferrari for more than five minutes, or maybe three, so there went that idea. So I dutifully read the Consumer Reports Auto issue, reviewed Motor Trend and Car & Driver, and also investigated, albeit briefly, Metro Transit. Uhh… still don’t know. To share with you my analysis methods would be horribly boring to some, stupid to others, or really funny to others. So I put my dart board away and decided that I can’t write about cars.

I could also tell you about my daughter’s upcoming nuptials. But I don’t know much about that either. I’m told where to be and when. And I know already that to offer an idea would be totally counter productive. And with the date rapidly approaching, I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut and rattle my head in agreement, if I’m even asked for an opinion. Oh yeah, and I’ve learned that if I’m asked for an opinion, it’s merely out of courtesy and the appropriate answer is one of these .. “I’m not sure”, “let me think about that” or “I really think that whatever you decide will be perfect”. Dad’s do learn eventually!!

I think it might be wiser just to get a pet, if you could make that decision, then to dare to interfere in that kind of decision making process regarding nuptials. Of course, getting a pet would require the gathering of opinion from family and friends, and then making a decision that is likely counter to any of those suggestions anyway.

Talking about those issues would likely bore you to tears, or make you cry with joy, or neither. So why go there?

You know, sometimes it’s tough, but you have to make decisions. And I did. I wanted to know why roosters crow every morning. I mean, isn’t that something we urban dwellers think about every day? How does the rooster know to wake us up at least two hours before our alarms were set to wake us. Fortunately, some scientists (of course), and this time, from Japan, subjected roosters to timed light and dark environments. (Please be aware that no animals were hurt in conducting these experiments.) The roosters crowed two hours before the lights came on. The scientists decided that roosters work off some kind of circadian rhythm.

I know that some of my readers don’t know what that means, so, courtesy of Wikipedia, here is the definition. A circadian rhythm is any biological process that displays an endogenous, entrainable oscillation of about 24 hours. These rhythms are driven by a circadian clock, and rhythms have been widely observed in plants, animals, fungi and cyanobacteria. The term circadian comes from the Latin circa, meaning “around” and diem or dies, meaning “day”. Although circadian rhythms are endogenous, they are adjusted (entrained) to the local environment by external cues called zeitgebers, commonly the most important of which is daylight…. Huh ?

Oh yeah, the Japanese scientists don’t know why dogs say ‘bow wow’ and cats say ‘meow’. C’mon, that’s really simple. If dogs said ‘meow’, we would know they really are cats, so how much will they spend to come up with the same answer?

The one thing that I definitely know is that I provide financing for all kinds of real estate. What I am looking for today, is someone who is buying income property – apartments, retail or office buildings etc anywhere in the country. I have investors who also are willing to finance the development of tracts and the construction of spec homes. And this is new. Call 818.305.4695 to talk to me.

Also, if you are, or know, a veteran, there are special financing programs available for them. Again, themagic number is 818.305.4695.

Have a better week.


Berman’s Factoids of the Week:

What would Geronimo say if he was jumping out of a plane (with a parachute of course)?

Do pediatricians play miniature golf on Wednesdays?

Why is the third hand on a watch called the second hand?


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