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Les Berman Weekly 3-9 Ship Drivers. Sherpa. Shy Animals. Green Veggies… and more

Sometimes, we wonder about who is driving the ship. It doesn’t matter if the ship is your home, your business, or the country. We wonder. Other times we assume. And I learned in third grade, I believe it was Miss Barkley, that one should never assume because it makes an ass out of ‘u’ and ‘me’.  Interestingly, back then, one could say ass and not get vilified for it, reported to the ACLU, charged with racism by the Association of Sedentary Solitarians (aka A.S.S.), or even worse, by the donkeys grazing in the back 40.


I was listening to a speaker the other day and he said that a leader has to be a Sherpa. He went on to explain that when you are climbing Mount Everest or trekking through the Himalayas, the leader is usually a Sherpa tribesman. And you put your absolute trust and confidence in that Sherpa because his mandate is to bring you back alive. And you don’t question his leadership. You have absolute confidence in this man, and you may have just met him.


Outside of Nepal, the Sherpa is a metaphor for a person who you believe has the ability tosteer the ship. Your Sherpa might have been a memorable teacher, a mentor, your supervisor or boss, or a political leader. In the earliest part of your life, your Sherpa was your mom or dad, and that changed as you changed. I challenge you to think about your current Sherpa. And don’t choose someone because he/she is a popular entertainer or {{shudder}} a politician. Think of someone who has made your life different or better.


And also, while we’re in Nepal, we have to look for our friendly guy, stuck up there in the snow and cold, shunning contact with homo sapiens, yes, our friend, the Yeti. People have seen him, tracked him. Briefly. And obviously wondered how often he gets to visit his cousin, Bigfoot. I’m guessing that he can’t board at Tribhuvan Airport in Kathmandu because there is a rule put forth by the TSA that all travelers must be clothed or caged. Especially when you have to remove your belt and shoes. We all know that Bigfoot has been developing a resurgence of interest in the Western USA and Canada due to his success on many TV commercials. I’m sure Bigfoot’s agent is trying to claim the same success in Yeti-land.


So while we’re deeply engrossed with shy animals, there was recently an instance in England (this couldn’t happen anywhere else) where a garage caught fire and was destroyed when two turtles awoke from hibernation, and in their lust to mate, they were thought to have been moving at high speed (?), knocked over a heat lamp, which set fire to wood chips, and the rest you know. The turtles, one could say, were cooked ! And just last June, on a Pennsylvania highway, traffic was stopped as a bull and cow were consummating their relationship in the middle of the road. I can just imagine how many people told their kids to look away because they might see something that the parents found offensive. In California, kids would have been recording this and posting on YouTube and Facebook within seconds, and showing their friends what the animals were doing.


Now, I realize that we are all different, fortunately, but I willingly look at people who are not hair-impaired. I don’t find you people to be offensive… well, not all of you. But the best story ever happened when my kids were young, and my son, maybe five or six at the time, had a friend over for a play date. At some point, the visiting young boy commented on my lack of a coiffure. And I calmly said – “See .. this is what happens when you don’t eat your green vegetables !!” Shortly after, the visitor went home and minutes later the phone rang. The little boy’s mother was asking my wife (I was married then) what had happened because her son had come home demanding that he be given green vegetables immediately !!!


And sometime later, when my kids were older, we were standing in line for some ride at either Knott’s Berry Farm or Disneyland, and a young boy behind us said, in a Shakespearean whisper – “Mom – that man has no hair!” And I turned around, very casually, the mom being so embarrassed, and said to the boy the same line about green vegetables. As I was turning back, I saw the mom’s mouth drop open, not knowing how to react. I turned back to my kids, and they were both on the ground, laughing their heads off.


So, use your best assets when you market. My blog is entitled The View from the Golden Dome, and the reference I believe, is obvious. I have had people forget my name (how could that possibly happen?) but they would call a networking group or Google “Golden Dome” to find me. Use your assets, whatever they are. And have a sense of humor. I don’t believe that people can survive without one.

And remember why you are reading this. You know I’m in the real estate financing field. Residential purchases and refinancing in California; bridge loans on commercial properties across the United States. Yes, you need to ask the question but you can’t do it if you don’tcall 818.305.4695. Now !

Have a better week.


Berman’s Factoids of the Week: 

Why isn’t there mouse flavored cat food ?

Shouldn’t there be a shorter word for monosyllabic?

Why are they called stands.. when they are made for sitting?

Why are there flotation devices under airplane seats, rather than parachutes?


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