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Les Berman Weekly 2-23 Jared. Danica Patrick. Sticky Fingers. Meowww

I know you remember the iconic Jared – the kid who woke up one day and decided he didn’t like weighing 425 pounds. So he went on the Subway diet and lost a couple of hundred pounds. Well, that kid is now worth about $15 Milllion and has been the spokesman for Subway for years. Believe it or not, it has been 15 years since he first appeared on the Subway ads. He carries around his huge jeans and if he gains weight, Subway people are all over him. So he has turned fat into a very lucrative career, representing Subway and collecting big speaker and appearance fees.


What’s newsworthy about this story is simply this – jealousy !!! No, not that I ever wanted to be 425 pounds, but that he has a huge number of people on his case if he puts weight on. He also has a special Subway card that allows him to eat free at any Subway! How cool !!  In my situation, the only people that get on my case are the people I play tennis with (especially if it’s a bad tennis day), my daughter, and my tailor. Well, not so much my tailor because he gets me both ways (or is it weighs) – weight off, weight on.


And a couple of weeks ago, I found a great article about the exercises that I don’t dobut should. And they were right, I don’t do them. Not only that, it hurt to read about them ! So just for fun ( exercise and fun don’t usually appear in the same paragraph), here’s a list. Tell me what you think – Renegade rows; overhead squat; arched back pull ups; kettlebell swing; and the only one that I understand, swimming. The ones they have forgotten are the basics: reaching for the remote control, walking to your car, and of course, the one we do every day, putting food in your mouth.


So I thought about the things that we are missing in our everyday lives that would help us control our weight. How about cutting your grass? or go one better, plowing the back forty without a tractor or horse to pull the plow. Or painting the house with a paint brush from your child’s paint set? When I was a kid, every summer, my dad would come out to the lake cottage on the weekends, and would put another coat of varnish on the wood exterior. My dad never had an extra ounce on his body.


I remember a few years ago, visiting my dad in the nursing home, and knowing that he couldn’t speak, wanted to see if I could elicit some kind of reaction from him. So I asked him if he really enjoyed painting the cottage every year. Wow, what a response! If his response could be translated into words, I would not be able to get this past the spam detectors today. But we all had a good laugh over a 55 year old memory.

So in the spirit of the olden days, when metabolisms seemed to work, I have decided that I will, much more frequently, reach for the remote control !


Recently, there was an arrest of three people in a multi million dollar theft in Quebec (Canada). It was reported that more than 300 people were interviewed to get to these three bad guys. Not only did the thieves have sticky fingers, but they likely had a sweet tooth too. These guys made off with $20MM of maple syrup – possibly 10% of the 2012 harvest. But how can maple syrup be harvested. The answer – very very slowly.

I remember seeing a movie (now likely a YouTube clip) about maple syrup farmers and how they would hammer a small half round tube into the maple tree, and the sap would slowly drip into a bucket. And that was the beginning of the maple syrup saga. After the movie that we were shown in elementary school (Brock Corydon School was so named because it was at the intersection of those two streets. Hey, in New York, they are so creative that they just numbered the schools), we were given maple syrup treats of some kind. But I was able to exercise that away, because we actually had to get up to change TV channels back then!


And this weekend, you have a huge number of events that could be newsworthy. We have the Daytona 500 – where the cars are driven around an oval track for hours, non stop, by one driver. No food breaks, no bathroom breaks. Just going round and round. The news this year is that Danica Patrick, a rather petite woman, has the pole position. That, for the uninformed, has nothing to do with dancing so don’t watch, expecting gyrations. This type of event has a huge TV audience of people who are usually drinking beer and waiting for an accident to happen.


And we also have the Academy Awards. This is an event where movie stars and their entourage parade down the Red Carpet, being extremely polite to the myriad of media journalists, showing off their gowns and bodies, all the while dying because they really have to go the restroom. And then there will be numerous commentators critiquing the fashions.Meowwww. And I’m hoping for the winners anyway.


Meanwhile, on the mortgage front, rates have been fluctuating in a narrow range with pressure on upward movement. The bottom line is simple, do something now. Call me today 818.305.4695.

Have a better week !


Berman’s Factoids of the Week:

It takes 25 years for Pluto to receive as much solar energy as the Earth receives in one minute.

He wasn’t blind, but Thomas Edison preferred reading in Braille.

Nearly everybody’s right lung is a little larger than their left.

Most popular hard liquor in Scotland: vodka !



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