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Les Berman Weekly 12-28 Leadership? Nope. Disgust? Yup. Madoff? Worse

Leadership – Merriam Webster’s defines it as follows:  the act or an instance of leading. We have a President who is pushing us over the ‘fiscal cliff’ and we have the opposition Speaker, right beside him. I am so disgusted with these people, as are many of you. I don’t know what the solution is. Can we fire them all? Can we have a multi billion dollar recall initiative? Does it matter?

By the time you read this, Washington may have come up with a patch that will push everything off for another few months, and then we will repeat the stupidity.

Obviously, the Speaker does not have the support of his party to enter into any negotiations. And the President obviously feels that this is no big deal and goes on vacation. That’s a crock. The country has been in distress over this issue for the last three or four months, at least, and Mr. President goes on vacation?  What’s that about? That does not demonstrate leadership to me.


These elected people (I refuse to call them leaders) have no respect for the people. That’s obvious. They suckered us into voting for them and now they have told us to shut up – they will do what they want. And then in 18 months, they’ll come back at us, trying to buy our votes, and blaming the other side. And they’ll get elected again because the people will believe their lies. I am at the point where I believe that all politicians are pathological liars. They will say and do anything to get elected.


I have the solution. It’s really simple. But I would bet that there isn’t anyone in Washington with the intestinal fortitude to actually act on this. Here it is. ” Mr. President. Mr. Speaker. The country needs this issue resolved now. Please follow me” and they would follow me into a room and would receive the following instructions : “Gentlemen – on the table in front of you are two pads of writing paper and four pens (in case you run out of ink). If you need more paper, you have to do what the rest of the country does – and use the backs of every sheet. You will be sequestered here until you reach a decision for the country. On the table, in point form, are the lists of what becomes effective on January 1. ”

“Neither of you will be able to communicate with anyone outside of this room. You will be provided with water and three light meals of one sandwich each, per day, until you have worked this out. You will be provided with one five minute bathroom break per hour. The lights in the room will be kept on until you have reached a solution”.

” Mr. President, because you have other responsibilities in running this country, you will have access to a texting device that will have two operating keys – a Y (for yes) and N (for no) so that you can answer issues of paramount importance. You will not, however, be allowed outside of the room for any reason.”

“And one other thing. You will notice that there are no chairs at the table. We have found in the past, that meetings are far more productive when everyone is standing. And because you have held the country up for ransom for so long, you are encouraged to solve these issues quickly. I am showing you a doorbell device. When you have reached a solution, please press the button.”

And the door is closed and locked.

I wonder how long it will take them to resolve the issues.


Think about what would have happened if we still had leaders like Truman, Clinton, Inouye or Dole. I believe that the fiscal cliff would not exist. At worst, it would have been a hill – and any of those leaders could have steered both sides down a common road – the road that was best for the country.


We all know that there will be some kind of deal at the 11th hour. And it will likely be a deal that kicks the can down the road for a few more months… and here we go again. And I just read that the debt ceiling will be reached on Monday. You can be sure that there won’t be any agreement on that either.


Holiday retail sales were lower than any year since 2008. Stocks are selling off- but it’s really a good time to buy I think. Banks are making huge profits because of excessive margins on their mortgage rates. What a confused and confusing marketplace.


This is what I see. People blindly vote because they actually believe the crap that comes from the mouths of politicians. If your kids told you as many lies as do the politicians, you likely would give them a good whuppin’ – except those of you who are so far to the left that you also believe all the lies. People don’t know about the issues. Here is the same challenge I threw out in September and October. And I challenge you to throw that at each and every candidate that runs for public office of any kind.

The question that I dare you to ask, and in return, demand a one word answer – either ‘yes’ or ‘no’.  Here’s the question – Mr / Mrs Candidate – If you do not deliver in total, on every promise that you make during this campaign, within one year of being elected, will you resign this office and never hold public office again?


You will not get an answer. Politicians have approval ratings barely above used car salespersons. They are in this only for themselves – they could care less about “we the people’. Call their offices. Harass their staff. Demand action. And don’t take the platitude answer – well it’s up to (fill in the blank!). Tell your elected official to get off his fat can, and go to work. Why is he/she on vacation when the country is falling off a cliff? Where is the responsibility? Where is the leadership?

Madoff is in jail because he scammed people out of billions of dollars. The Washington politicians make Madoff look like a prince.

I can assure you, that if you were to take off while your business was in crisis, by the time you got back, your business would be gone, your company would have failed, and you would be collecting unemployment insurance. Oh yeah – you can be sure that someone would be suing you – big time.

Are we witnessing the decline and fall of the American Empire.  I fear so.

Washington – you disgust me ! All of you ! Both parties !


Have a better week. If you can.





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