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Les Berman Weekly 12-21 It’s Different This Week. Just different.

It’s been about six years that the Les Berman Weekly has been circulated. Those of you who are regular readers and / or contributors know that I don’t often take sides. But I have to deviate today because of the sheer stupidity that emanated from Washington today. And you know that we’ve seen and heard amazing stuff coming from there in the past.

First, I have to disclose that I fired a 22 rifle at targets when I went to summer camp, and I actually got some kind of medal, likely because I got within 10 yards of the target. In my later teens, I went with a cousin to shoot gophers or prairie dogs or something like that. I didn’t see any but I did get to shoot a rifle once. And in my early twenties, I went hunting prairie chicken with a friend of mine. No chickens but we did target shoot at some cans and bottles.

So having disclosed that I had a rifle in my hand, I can say that the spew that came from the NRA president today was so insanely stupid. I don’t know how this guy can walk and talk at the same time. Let’s put armed guards in every school. Right. That will do the trick ! Oh – there’s a fat guy with a holstered gun and he can’t walk 10 steps without being winded so I am scared away. And this NRA idiot did not even know how many children were slaughtered last week – he gave the wrong number.

What utter crap! The problem with the system is that the NRA keeps the Second Amendment as the holy grail. Right to bear arms! Was it supposed to read – the right to bare arms?  Let’s support the Second Amendment as and when it was written – and eliminate all weapons more modern than the ones manufactured in that time period.

Personally, I don’t object to guns – I don’t have one by choice. I do however, object to many of the people who have some of the 230 million weapons that are out there. I object to the AK-47s, the Bushmasters, the automatic weapons and huge ammo clips. And I object to them being readily available to any crazy who wants them and can buy them.

The NRA says they are for hunting. Yeah right  – you need to take an AK-47 duck hunting because you’re such a lousy shot that you need to spray 100 bullets near that lethal duck so you can bring it down and have feathers to eat. And you’re a big hunter and you need to mount that duck head on the wall, alongside the giraffe.

Gimme an effin break !! I can’t think of any rational reason for someone to need an automatic weapon with 1000 rounds of ammunition just in case. In case of what? In case the bad guys invade from some foreign country. When that happens, I will be the first to apologize.

I saw a photo on the internet showing what the NRA idiot proposed. One side of the caption was an armed guard at a school; the other side of the caption was an armed Taliban guy at a school.

We don’t need armed guards. We don’t need armed teachers. I’ve never been confronted by someone with a gun, but I would bet that the teacher with a gun would be so terrified of shooting a gun that the teacher would be dead before the safety was released. I would not know what to do if in the same situation. And armed guards at schools would be the same.

I’ve heard of soldiers, trained to kill, actually freezing when they had to shoot and kill someone. But I am thankful for our military, past and present, for their service to our country and for protecting our freedoms. And for doing what so many of us could not do. What we need is not more weapons out there – we need controls on what is there.

I’ve heard that gun stores have had record sales since the slaughter in NewTown. And the sales are of the automatic weapons, high capacity cartridges, and huge amounts of ammo. They are buying these thing because their freedoms are being challenged?

I echo the sentiments of so many who have said that we need better delivery of mental health care. And we need to have the stigma of receiving such care to be reduced. We need the medical insurance providers to not increase premiums because someone has received mental health care.  And we need providers, without fear of retribution from any source,  to be able to report when they see someone who is potentially dangerous. And therapists trained in these areas should be compensated in insurance providers.

I knew someone many years ago who was a gun collector. I think he had about 20 weapons when I knew him in the ’80’s. The guns were in his house. But, the firing pins were all in a safety deposit box in a bank. That made sense to me. I remember going to a client’s house around the same time. He showed me about 20 carbines and a couple of 1920’s or 1930’s tommy guns. But all of the firing pins were removed. I was still nervous.

During the riots in 1992, a neighbor was going to work close to where some fires had been set. I asked why he didn’t just stay home for another day. He said he wasn’t concerned and then moved the newspaper on the passenger seat to show me a loaded hand gun. But this guy was nuts enough that he would have shot anyone that came close. The neighbor had two kids and both of them were missing a few bricks. And the dad had a loaded handgun in the house??

Access to mental health treatment is important. One never knows what will set someone off. In high school, there was a kid who we called schizophrenic (actually we called him other things too). One day in French class, the teacher pronounced his name with a French accent. The kid got up from his seat, walked to the front of the class repeating the proper pronunciation of his name, and decked the teacher with one punch. Simple things can be the catalyst.

Here’s a better solution. Schools should be equipped with state of the art video monitoring systems that cannot be compromised from outside. If there is something suspicious going on, doors can be set to automatically lock out the stranger. There could be a panic button linked to law enforcement – doors lock.. law enforcement is notified. There has to be money allocated from a non-education city or state fund that cannot be reduced or eliminated, to maintain these on a regular basis, and to upgrade every system every five years. The NRA likes guns – NRA can contribute to maintaining and replacing these systems.

The world lost 27 precious lives a few days ago. Twenty children slaughtered with multiple gun shot wounds; educators who tried to protect the totally innocent children, and his mother. I don’t think that gun control regulations would have changed anything, but possibly better mental health treatment and no access to large ammo clips or automatic weapons could have made a difference.

Please take a moment to reflect on what was and what might have been, drop your membership in the NRA, and support better delivery of mental health services.

Have a better week !

I hope that you and yours will have a wonderful holiday season  and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year !



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