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Les Berman Weekly 10-20 Falling Star. Freedom. Brazilian. Memoir Project

Catch a falling star and put it in a basket… the year was 1958… the singer was the Italian barber, Perry Como. You can find the song on youtube and sing along, or you can go outside tonight and watch the Orionids meteor shower. Somehow, the skies treat us to this every year. And this is caused by a swath of dust and rocks left behind hundreds of years ago by the renowned Halley’s comet. Most years, the meteor shower produces about 20 to 25 shooting stars an hour that are visible, but this is expected to be a good year with as many as 60 an hour that can be seen. So here’s hoping for clear skies tonight. Wake your little ones, or set your alarm so you can get up to watch.

While we’re on memory lane, we should commemorate the events of October 19, 1987, the day that some of us may remember as Black Monday. That  was before computers controlled trading on the stock markets, before email and texting, before twitter and facebook. Yet that was the day that the stock market dropped 22.6%, 508 points. There were a whole lot of people that were more than unhappy that day. An interesting side note is that if there was a similar percentage drop in the Dow today, the index would lose over 3000 points. And it took almost two years for the Dow to recover to it’s 1987 high of 2722. And now, the Dow is at 13,343.

I was at a networking event a couple of weeks ago, and commented that interest rates will go up, regardless of which of these two jokers won the White House. A couple of people were miffed either because they didn’t think the candidates should be referred to as jokers or because they had undying respect for the candidates. So, my position is this. If the candidates had more respect for us,the voters, and ran a campaign based on what they would do if they win (regardless of whether or not they would actually follow through), they might garner more respect. The animosity, the hate, the rhetoric spewed from both camps is disgusting, and it gets worse every election. As to them being jokers, they fit in a group of presidential wannabees along with four other people, Thomas Hoefling, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, and yes, even Roseanne Barr. Therefore, jokers is an appropriate term ! Of course, the best news is that I can refer to the candidates as jokers and I won’t get shot or blown up for referring to them that way. Freedom of speech is priceless.

And the price paid for that freedom rests on the shoulders of so many men and women throughout history. This week, I was introduced to a project chaired by Jacques Cohen, a CPA here in the LA area. The Memoirs Project was established to honor and remember the individual Allied soldiers, resistance fighters and patriots who fought to free France in World War Two, and afterwards retired in the United States, or whose families live in the United States. This was started to commemorate the 65th Anniversary of VE Day.  After I started reading the memoirs of so many of the soldiers, I blocked out the ringing phone and the emails. You must read these accounts by soldiers and their families. Here is the website . And thanks to all of the men and women who served and are serving to enable us to keep the freedoms we take for granted.

And there is good news on the horizon, You may not remember that in December, after the election of course, our TV’s will be undergoing a major change that is long past due. The loudness of commercials on TV will have to be at the same level as the programs we are watching. No longer will advertisers be able to double the volume, simply to get their messages heard. And we won’t have to grab the remote to turn down the volume. Can you imagine how healthy our population would be if we did not have remote control devices, and we  would have to get up every time we wanted to change the channel, or adjust the volume? Ha – we might be 20 pounds lighter and have developed quadriceps. Now there is a thought ! I don’t think I know how to change the channel manually!

I hope you don’t have a credit card from a Brazilian issuer. Average interest rates in Brazil are 343 percent, compared to 34 percent in Mexico and 17 percent in the US. And for the first time, Brazil will have credit scores and they will be provided by Experian and Equifax affiliates. Watch for the expansion of the Brazilian economy again. In every country where credit scoring came into effect, credit expanded by 50 percent. It’s all about the numbers.

And talking about numbers, I want to thank those who called me last week for their complimentary mortgage health check up. They gave me about 15 minutes of their time, and I emailed an analysis to them. And thanks to those who called this week for me to look after their mortgage needs. With 15 year money still under 3 percent, and 30 year, around 3.5, you should ask me how I can look after your requirements with a no cost loan. Simple instructions: pick up your phone. Touch818.305.4695 and talk to me. I answer my phone on weekends !!

Have a better week !!



Q: Why are zero scores in tennis called ‘love’?

I did a theatrical performance about puns. It was a play on words.
They told me I had type-A blood, but it was a Type-O.

We’re going on a class trip to the Coca-Cola factory. I hope there’s no pop quiz.

A: In France , where tennis became popular, round zero on the scoreboard looked like an egg and was called ‘l’oeuf,’ which is French for ‘egg.’ When tennis was introduced in the US, Americans (mis)pronounced it ‘love.’

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