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Les Berman Special News Update !! – This IS Your Time !!

PLEASE – read this in its entirety – and pass it along to people in your circle of influence.


The credibility of US commercial banks,  the largest world banks, and the possibility of a double dip in the US economy continues to weigh heavily on the stock markets. The Dow is headed for its ninth straight trading day loss – for the first time since 1978. Where is the opportunity?

There is a flight to safety – and as money pours into Treasuries from around the world, it is driving mortgage rates down to their lowest levels in the last year. If you haven’t refinanced or if you are sitting on the fence on that home purchase, please take advantage of this opportunity to make your move today.

I’m moving people from 30 year loans to 15 – and keeping the same payments.

Investors are now able to finance the properties they bought to hold – and without any delays.

Believe that there is a way to get you into a lower payment. New programs are becoming available weekly.

Get out of the adjustable – it will go up – and lock in the lowest fixed rate that you can.

Take a look at this list. And call me. There could be a way to help you take advantage of the crisis. I hate to be trite but one man’s pain can be another man’s gain.


Ø  Alimony and Child Support

Ø  NOO Investment Property Considerations

Ø  Pledge Assets and Avoid the Gift

Ø  DTI too high?  Use Asset Depletion

Ø  Foreign Nationals and Resident Aliens

Ø  Self-employed for less than 2 years

Ø  Non-warrantable condos

Ø  Expanded property types such as hobby farms, condo-tels, acreage….

Ø  Cash recapture – with no 6-month waiting period

Ø  Can’t qualify with 2 mortgage payments?

Ø  No 30% equity rule to count rental income

Ø  Rent survey to offset mortgage payment on existing residence

Ø  Exclude loss carry-forwards, K-1 losses…include capital gains

Ø  Condos in litigation

Ø  Business funds for down payment and reserves


Ø  Exception based lending

Ø  All manual UW – no DU no LP

Ø  Upside-Down Refi using Pledged Assets

Ø  Vesting title in entities

Ø  Second homes with reasonable rental income is not NOO

Ø  No Fico Score

Ø  90% NOO interest only up to $5,000,000

Ø  Recently listed properties

Ø  Deferred Student Loans

Ø  Kiddie Condos

Ø  Interest only for NOO and second homes

Ø  Unlimited number of financed properties

Ø  Leased land

Ø  Not cashout for seasoned seconds with no draws in last 12 months

Ø  Dual primary residences is not a second home

Ø  Non-occupant co-borrowers on purchases


Put money into your retirement account, the college account, or take a vacation – but you MUST call me now at 818.305.4695.




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